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Next-Generation iPaaS

Celigo integrator.io

Connect apps, sync data, automate processes with integrator.io

What makes integrator.io unique?

Celigo works the way you do

Simple and Powerful User Experiences

  • Guided design
  • Organic user experience
  • No need for manuals or hours of training
Celigo productized best practices

Leverages Prebuilt Integrations

  • Bundles managed as SaaS apps
  • No need to reinvent the wheel
  • Built on a full iPaaS (integration platform as a service)
Celigo flow based subscriptions

Flow-Based Subscription Model

  • Start with a free flow
  • Purchase flows, not endpoints
  • Grow capacity as you need it

One platform for all your integration needs

Integration wizard

Use step-by-step wizard that includes API assistants, visual field mapping interface, drop-down menus, and other tools to create integrations – without any coding

Integration wizard
Reusable flows

Save time by creating or using pre-configured integration templates available on the integrator.io marketplace. For commonly used flows, create your own library of reusable, standalone flows.

Reusable flows
Integration orchestration

Set up multiple imports and/or exports as part of a single integration flow. Orchestration supports complex processes that require data coming from and/or going to multiple sources to complete the process.

Integration orchestration
Developer tools 

Use advanced options for more flexibility in building integrations. Create and share your own stacks, generate tokens for direct API calls, build your own wrapper, and more.

Developer tools
Actionable dashboard

Monitor and troubleshoot integration flows using the integrator.io management dashboard with the ability to re-run flows or view error details.

Actionable dashboard
Advanced security

Minimize risk and exposure of your data. SOC 2 accreditation certifies that integrator.io has controls for system security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Free Data Loader

Bulk upload data to popular cloud applications using integrator.io intuitive tools. Import hundreds, thousands, or millions of records – for free.

Free Data Loader

Learn More

Choose the plan that’s right for your business

Start with a free integration flow
  • 1 active integration flow
  • Built-in support for popular apps
  • Support for complex flows (orchestration)
  • Data Loader for unlimited imports
  • Limit 1 Free Edition per company
Rapidly integrate cloud apps
billed annually
  • All Free Edition features +
  • 3 endpoints
  • Integrate on-premise apps
  • Support for EDI integrations
  • Essential Customer Success
Manage a growing number of
complex integrations
billed annually
  • All Standard Edition features +
  • 5 endpoints
  • 2 EDI trading partners included
  • API Management
Integrate apps to support a wide range of business processes
billed annually
  • All Premium Edition features +
  • 7 endpoints
  • 5 EDI trading partners included
  • Preferred Customer Success
Browse Our Integration Marketplace
The Celigo marketplace offers a list of prebuilt Integration Apps, templates, and other integration assistants built into the integrator.io platform

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